Oak dinner table series Kram, design & production by tokyostoryfurniture


Dinner Table for domestic or contract use.

Dims: 180 x 100 cm



Dinner Table for domestic or contract use.

The base is supplied assembled and  it is manufactured in massive oak.

The top is oval shaped 180 x 100 cm . It is manufactured in MDF veneer in natural oak in both sides (2 mm sheet) and the whole perimeter is 32mm solid oak. Wood pattern is in the opposite direction of the length.

Between  the top and the base there is a 3 mm oval steel sheet which gives stiffness to the base and allows the fixing  to the top.

It is locally manufactured and has a natural finish with ecologic oil.

This table  can be ordered in different sizes and shapes.  The top can also be manufactured  in solid oak  of  joint  boards of different sizes, from 210  to 120 mm wide and 30 mm thick. Boards are placed on the length direction.


Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 200 × 120 × 80 cm


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