Maharam Textile Millerstripe by designer Alexander Girard, 1973.


Price is per meter lineal, width is 137 cm .

ORDERS:  mention on the order sheet the fabric reference from the list below:

Millerstripe by Alexander Girard , 1973
462250–001 Multicolored Bright

462250–002 Multicolored Neutral

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Images courtesy by Maharam.

92% Wool, 8% Nylon

Width: 53″ (137cm)

Repeat: 6″ H
(15cm H), Suitable for non-match application

Country of Origin: UK

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Collection textiles of the XXcentury 

Maharam continues to expand its Textiles of the 20th Century™ series with the introduction of three stripe patterns, Millerstripe, Toostripe and Jacobs Coat, originally designed by Alexander Girard.

Girard drew his inspiration from travels to Mexico and India, as well as from his fascination with traditional folk art. Millerstripe (1973), Toostripe (1965), and Jacobs Coat (1959), first designed for the Herman Miller Textile Division, reflect these influences, utilizing vivid color and simple geometry. In order to remain true to Girard’s vision, the Maharam Design Studio developed 40 individual yarn colors, providing an exact match with the original warp stripe, while utilizing modern dyeing techniques to ensure adequate light fastness for contract use. Stripes by Alexander Girard are available in a total of seven colors.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 140 × 12 × 12 cm


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