Maharam Textile Angles by Paul Smith.



Angles by Paul Smith

Price is per meter lineal, width is 142 cm and raport is 76 cm V, 71cm H.

ORDERS: mention on the order sheet the fabric reference from the list below:

466477–001 Opal

466477–002 Jasper

466477–003 Agate

466477–004 Citrine

466477–005 Aquamarine

For any enquire please send us an email


Images courtesy by Maharam.

Texlile design by Paul Smith, Angles gives you thick woven texture that looks and feels luxurous, the large geometric pattern make this fabric super fun and colorful. Perfect for upholstery and pillows.

75% Polyester 25% Cotton.

Width 142 cm

Repeat 76 cm V, 71cm H.

Country of origin: Germany

Any enquires please send as an e-mail

About Paul Smith

Paul Smith (b. 1946, United Kingdom) is a designer of mens- and womenswear with an enthusiasm for wide-ranging cultural references and idiosyncratic combinations of pattern and color, applied with understatement. His ability to combine a flair for eccentric detail with a dedication to the highest standards of craftsmanship has made him among the most successful fashion designers in British history.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 4 cm


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