Dinning Chairs from Gilleumas. Barcelona, 1970


Chairs designed in 1960’s by the manufacturers Guilleumas S.A.

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Chairs designed in 1960’s by the manufacturers Guilleumas S.A.

Theses chairs are very comfortable and stylish. And as seen in the pictures they feature four legs joint together two by two forming then the arm rest. The wood is birch and the fabric is wool. They are totally restored, we have sanded the frame and  varnished it with a water solution varnish.

The fabrics are from Maharam, beautiful soft colours and great quality. The color pallette of these fabrics is really gorgeous. The pink has a beautiful Tamarisk tree tone, and the collection is Terra by Sander Lak, the fabric content is 90% wool, 10% nylon. The brown colour belongs to Herath collection and it has a beautifull stardust tone, the fabric content is32% wool 31% acrylic 30% cotton 7% polyester.

Actual stock is 4 but we have 4 more that are in the need of restoration and at this stage you can  choose the fabric for the upholstery.



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