Dinner table Like a Rolling Stone series, design and production by tokyostoryfurniure


Dims: 113 x 97 cm

Other sizes and materials are also available, for quotation please send us an email


The top takes its name from the rolling stones. It has an irregular shape close to the circle. In certain premises it allows to bring it close to the wall and take advantage of the use of the space in a better way than with a round table. The irregular shape gives the table a special look.

It is made of birch wood, 22 mm thick laminated in one or two colours. The edge is beveled and the back side is laminated or finished natural with varnish (water solution) and bee wax.

The legs are straight and have  cilindric shape with a rounded end. The legs are fixed to the top through a metalic cilinder open in one side to insert the oak wood leg and closed with a round steel disc in the other end and screwed to the top. This composition grants strength to the fixture.






Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 125 × 105 × 30 cm


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